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Intuitive Readings

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Types of readings

45 minute reading ⁠· CLARITY⁠ ✨

This reading is for those who have just one area of life they would like to focus in on, but perhaps have multiple questions in regard to their selected area. One to two cards will be pulled, likely along with some channeling. Come prepared with two to three questions. We can also tune into two potential paths ahead in this reading.

1.5 hour reading ⁠· BIG PICTURE⁠⁠ 🌄

This reading is for those who are wanting to get a better grasp of all that's unfolding in their life from a bird's eye view, and how all aspects interconnect. Here, we can cover several different topics, embracing a holistic lens and clarifying the path ahead and where Spirit is guiding you. I like to see this reading as one that polishes the mirror, allowing you to see the full picture. 

2.5 hour reading ⁠· SOUL ⁠JOURNEY 🔮

This type of reading is for those who are going through major life changes and/or spiritual awakenings, seeking loving support in navigating next steps and making sense of it all. In this lengthy one-on-one, we have the proper time and space to cover several different bases in a five card spread, representing the four directions and where your soul is currently at in its journey through time.

Audrey testimonial photo.jpg

Audrey Lobdell

“My reading with Ariana was incredible! When we began, I immediately felt comfortable and connected as she guided me into a meditation that brought me into a loving and receptive state. When we got into the reading, I felt reassured by her presence and attention to my questions. She has an unmistakable wisdom and helped me to see things I hadn’t even thought to look for. I left feeling uplifted and inspired to push my life forward, I’m so incredibly grateful! I’ll definitely be back to experience more of these readings.”

Ryan testimonial photo.jpg

Ryan O'Reaghtagain

“I have had the great fortune of working with many gifted intuitives throughout my adult life.  Each with their own unique style and methods for delivering guidance. My reading with Ariana was one of the most unique and clarifying readings I have ever experienced.  I left with insights that have served and will continue to serve me well in the coming months. She offers a grounded presence and has a natural gift which she has cultivated since she was a child. If you are looking for guidance and clarity, you will be served well by working with Ariana.”

Hannah testimonial photo.jpg

Hannah Heaton

“I was at a pivotal point in my life when Ariana did an intuitive reading for me. With care and attentiveness, she listened, and guided me to realize my own truth through just her words. Her card readings further bolstered my confidence in the path unfolding in front of me. I feel so fortunate to have received her presence and see her gift

as an invaluable offering to this world.”

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