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Symbolia Medicine Cards


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The Symbolia Medicine Cards project is the very first of many projects to come for Awakening In Symbolia. These cards will be an oracle deck (similar to tarot cards, if you are familiar). The entire deck’s theme is based on the teachings and symbols interwoven in Symbolia. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with tarot and oracle cards, they are composed of a set of cards that are used for divination - to call upon your angels and guides and to ask the Eternal Being up above for clarity, direction and answers. It is a form of prayer for guidance and through the cards, angels bring forth messages to you on whatever you inquire about via "symbols" and "archetypes". It is a spiritual practice of communing with the Divine that both Ariana and her grandmother were very into.

Ariana has devoted the next decade or so to curating this very special oracle deck based on her grandmother’s teachings. Her plan is to spend the next several years making paintings and descriptions for each individual card, that of which will be done for around 80 cards. Each card will either be an archetype, character, scenery place, gift or concept spoken about in Symbolia. Each painting will as well have a hidden message painted underneath it - this is what Ariana is referring to as an “intentional layer painting”, as they are often visuals with intentions that she would like the viewer to feel and perceive when present with the completed version of the painting.

All of the completed paintings will be used in the Symbolia Medicine Cards deck. The “intentional layer paintings” will not be in the deck, however, they will all get scanned before they are painted on top of and will be available as prints for those who are interested. Originals and prints of the completed paintings will also be available in the shop, if one feels a strong pull to any of them. Ariana also has a prototype version of the deck and offers Intuitive Readings if you are interested in gaining some insight and clarity in a specific area of your life.

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