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About Symbolia


Discover Symbolia...

Symbolia is a humorous and inspiring story of a brother and sister from our world who journey to the magical world of Symbolia, where they find that they must follow the Sacred Path to get back Home. Along the way they are captured by the Abbo tribe in the MotherLung Rainforest, and later encounter the diapered dictators at the Gulf of Simonsez. Their Path leads them into Krule City, then on to adventures with the Neggies in the Deep Depression and into Shadow's Underground Maze to dig for the Gold of Self-Understanding. It's a fun adventure story for children of all ages, a spiritual allegory for adults with ears to hear, and a socio-political satire for those with eyes to see. Come join in on the adventure :)

Comments from readers:

"The main thing I liked was all the adventures the two children, Luke and Lucy, went on. Each place taught them a lesson. When they were together, they worked as one. Another thing is it had a lot to do with the real world, like for instance Giant Aity Entee (AT&T). There was a great big message, like the River of Lyf and all the pollution, or the Morstuffians worshipping at the Temple of the Mighty Maul. It's like a mirror of our own world, with our troops in Iraq, looking for oil. But in the story the Giants are taking the oil out of the MotherLung Rainforest. All I can say is that I loved it! Thank you." ~ Jared Water, Age 11

"Symbolia is an exciting adventure that will keep kids of all ages wanting to see what's next. In addition to action, parents and kids alike will be delighted at the witty conclusion of symbolism that is artistically woven into the characters, setting and overall plot of the entire story. A great discussion starter for older kids, and a wonderful read-aloud fantasy for the entire family." -Roo Cantada, School Librarian

"Definitely a valuable story for our time. Reading it is enlightening." -Prema Joy Dancing

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