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Where Ancestral Wisdom and Creative Expression Meet.

About Awakening In Symbolia

Awakening in Symbolia is a small art business with an emphasis and focus on the creation of art inspired by and intended to represent scenes and characters in the artist’s grandmother’s book, Symbolia. The book is a mythical children’s story, which holds great depth and symbolism. The artist intends to bring the story “to life” via visual representations such as paintings and sculptures, as well as through other mediums later down the road. The artist’s mission is to create various expressions of the book, making the teachings even more accessible to the greater collective.

Meet the artist.


Visit the artist’s page to learn more about the artist herself- her story, her love for all things art-related, and how she came to realize that carrying on her grandmother’s legacy was a huge part of her path.

Learn about the characters.


Come meet and play with some of the characters in Symbolia! The land full of eagles, giants, kings and queens, faeries, tricksters and all the ones in- between. Many characters to greet, come explore.

Explore the shop.


Check out the shop to discover the artist’s newest creations & offerings. Here you'll find Symbolia books, original paintings, giclée's (high quality art prints), posters, intuitive readings and more!

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